Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do you LLLUUUVVV your coffee?  Auntie Stella loves hers, many lives are saved by her having her morning beverage.  My doctor told me no more that two cups a day (mean bastard that he is) so I got rid of my normal mug and traded it in for a 40 oz thermal one.  Now it stays hotter longer and I don't have to worry about spilling any on the keyboard, HEHEHE.  It came with a straw.  I want/need the first dose to be strong enough to kill telemarketers and lower the dosage on the second round so here's what I do.  Lots of coffee in the filter and after filling the new mug, I add a glass of water to the coffee maker with no new coffee and not only does it make a second mug but there is also enough left in the pot to make an iced coffee later in the day.  I also love cinnamon coffee but it will boil over if you don't use the next trick.

Put about a teaspoon of cinnamon in the filter, add your ground coffee and fold the filter over and put it in another one (you get what a million of them for a buck) then make your coffee as usual.  If you don't like or want to pay for flavored coffee or expensive creamers, try a teaspoon of vanilla extract, or rum extract or whatever is your favorite.  You may have to add some additional sugar/sweetener but it is great especially for a night time cup of coffee.  And donuts, don't for get the donuts.  They have zero calories when dunked in coffee, LOL.