Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey Y'all, Turkey day is coming up fast and I have a suggestion to doctor up the table just a tad but you should get raves from this idea. Growing up we always had the cranberry sauce that you had to open both ends of the can and then chase it all over the table trying to get it to stay on a plate. Then some idiot in the family would cut a huge wedge out of it and everyone else had to do with less. A flavorful and different choice is available to you with options depending on your likes and budget.

Buy enough of the canned whole cranberries for your family (you know I always try to make things easy) and empty them into a bowl. If you are a drinker (yes Stella is a drinker, has to be just to get the make up on right) you can use one ounce or jigger of your favorite orange liquor to the mixture or as a substitute for the good stuff a teaspoon or so of orange extract or if you want to go the really cheap route, a table spoon or so of the frozen orange juice concentrate that you use to make your morning orange juice with. Living here in the great state of Florida, I can just go out into the yard and pick an orange off the tree and squeeze my own juice, but then again it makes a weak screwdriver. This mixture will taste delicious when chilled but don't stop there. Get a pretty orange from the store and grate the skin up with a potato peeler and now it looks as pretty as it tastes. Others who have used my original recipe have tried other things to add in to it like coconut (I'm not a big fan of the stuff but it is moist and will keep your mixture alive) or even changing the orange juice to grape juice and adding green grapes to the mixture. But there you have a new tradition for your holiday table. And save the sliding stuff for sandwiches on the days following until the bird is gone.
Happy Turkey days,


Unknown said...

Interesting. We already had our Thanksgiving but Christmas is coming.

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm glad I'm going to my husband's cousin's house for Thanksgiving.

I just need to bring a vegetable dish and a desert. I'll make this corn souffle which I bring to every occasion and is easy to make and I'll buy a desert.

Morgan Mandel