Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have a friend at Sweetbay, a local grocery store that also sell alcohol (not the kind that you rub all over you (although that could be fun too, I used to do belly button shots but that is another story for another day). Anyway, I told her about a recipe that I use to make pate, cheap easy and oh so good but I never wrote it down for her so here you go pretty lady.

What you need to buy: 1 package of chicken livers (about a pound or so); 1 8oz package of cream cheese; 2 shots of Cuantro (sp? the orange liquor 1 for the pate and 1 for me) or 2 or 3 tablespoons of orange juice concentrate for the non drinkers and a pinch of basil, and some ground walnuts or pecans.

Boil the chicken livers (blood and all), add the basil while cooking and pull the cream cheese out of the fridge to bring it to room temperature. When the livers are done and the cream cheese is soft, throw both into a blender and add booze or oj concentrate and puree. The mixture will be kind of wet when it comes out so put it in a container and stick in the fridge for a couple of hours or until mold able. Shape into a log or a ball and cover with the crushed nuts and put on a plate with your favorite crackers. This is the basic recipe, if you want to make it your own by adding onion salt, garlic salt or whatever the second time it is up to you, my job is just to inspire, hope I've done that.

Valentines day is coming up and for that I suggest making reservations somewhere nice so that you don't have to clean up the kitchen and have more time for romance!

Auntie Stella signing out.


Kim Smith said...

My hubby surprised me today with a Valentines Day TRIP! woo hoo! the thing is, we probably will have to work on reservations for the town where we are going... thanks for the reminder!

Kim Smith said...

Aunt Stella I am missing you!