Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentines is just around the corner my loves, Auntie Stella loves diamonds, chocolate and red heads, not necessarily in that order, LOL.  Hope you have picked out your valentine and that it is going to be the best.  And let's not forget that a month later it's St. Patrick's day,  Auntie has a recipe for you in my older posts for an Irish Meal.  This has been tested by me and many of you as well, guaranteed to get your Irish in order.  And should you come across any of those Leprechauns, don't believe a word they say against me, I would never kick or pick on anyone that small no matter how much green beer and Irish whiskey I drank.

 Now for today's recipe and I know many of you are going to cringe, but don't give up on me yet, fried Chicken Livers, not just for the cat anymore.  Get a container of them at your favorite store and bring them home with you.  No fair forgetting them and leaving them at the store, and I grant you they are a bloody mess when you open them but never fear.  Take two lunch bags and put one inside of the other.  Next add a cup of flour (more or less), a tablespoon of sugar and about three or four shakes of the Italian Seasoning that is usually only reserved for spaghetti sauce, put all of this in the doubled brown bag and shake the shit out of it.  Salt and pepper if you please and I like to add about a tablespoon of chives in mine.  Pour half of the livers into the bag and shake again, hard this time.  It coats the livers and they are not so scary looking and try not to think of it as a chicken abortion because that's not what it is.

Ready your skillet with your favorite cooking oil, bacon grease is wonderful or lard if you can find it.  Pick the coated livers out of the bag when the grease is hot (a drop of cold water will tell you it's ready).  Then just start putting the little bastards in there and cook over medium heat.  I serve with applesauce, Lima beans and pickled beets.

It does tickle the hell out of me that many of my close friends wouldn't touch chicken livers, however, they love the hell out of the pate I make, LOL..Boil a container of chicken livers, let them cool.  Have an 8oz package of cream cheese brought to room temperature and and the spices and chives from above.  Put the mixture in the fridge till it sets, form a log from the mixture and roll it in pecan or walnut pieces and serve to your guest.  Some orange extract added makes it memorable or Gran Mariner if you have it, but it doesn't last long at my house.  Thanks for stopping by, Stella


Beatrice said...

You've outdone yourself again! I'm actually tempted to try this! keep em coming! (oh, you know what I mean!)

Unknown said...

totestskNever used cream cheese in my livers. You page reads like one of my My Upstate (NY) Comfort weekends!

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