Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not sure if Easter comes before St Patties day but they are both coming up soon.  If you don't have kids or can keep an eye on them, after the eggs are boiled use crayola or wax to write on them before dying, fun stuff like slut or oral sex or what ever comes to your perverted little minds.  Kids can put their names or designs on them and then dying them.  Heard tell that the Easter Bunny started hiding the eggs so no one would know about the affair with the chicken.

Gotta love St Patties day, everyone is Irish that day.  Not much for green beer but I do love me some Irish coffee.  In a tall mug you put 1 1/2-2ozs of Irish whiskey and then add hot coffee, a dash of cinnamon, whipped cream and a cherry. (Sugar or sweetener optional.) Between the coffee and the whiskey, in the outer villages of Ireland the bartenders are required to put a bell braclett on the patron so that the the sheep have a chance to run away, LOL  Any plans for you????  Stella