Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to the Casa Del Auntie Stella, OLE!!!  Okay I don't speak Spanish but I do know most of the dirty words.  When they get hurled at you often enough you learn what they mean, for the longest time I thought that PUTA meant pretty.  Turns out it means BITCH and they are right, but I'm a pretty bitch, LOL Bathing suit season will be here soon (mine starts at the neck and goes to the ankles) so that means time for salads and what better way to start then Taco Salad.  Auntie is a big fan of canned diced tomatoes and why not, for about 75 cents you get a one pound can (much cheaper than fresh) and they store well and for long periods of time.  Packed in tomato juice so just drain it into your favorite shot glass, add some vodka (okay you are probably going to need a bigger glass) and a squeeze of lime and knock it back.  Also, since they are wetter than fresh tomatoes, you will need less dressing-save money and calories.  This should serve 4 but that is really up to you, I have been known to eat the whole thing (stop laughing).

Okay let's get started, very little cooking and basically if you can use a can opener this is for you.

1 pound of hamburger
1 can of refried beans
1 can of diced chilies
1 can of sliced black olives
1 lime quartered
1/2 head of lettuce (good luck getting the produce manager to sell you a half)
1 package of McCormics Chili-o mix (they make one for tacos but this is a little spicier)
1 large bag of tortilla chips
1 8oz bag of sharp cheddar cheese.

Brown the hamburger then drain the grease off, add the chili-o mix and one envelope of water, why waste any of the goodness and works great.  Stir till it thickens (or the smell makes you want to crawl into the skillet and eat your way out).  Fill bowls half full of tortillas, add the rest of the ingredients and save the hamburger to the top and then add shredded cheese and you are ready to eat.

Should you happen to have leftover chilies, cheese and tortillas,  place tortillas on a paper plate, dribble the chilies and throw some cheese on that bad boy and nuke for one minute.

Please leave me a note so I will know I'm not just doing this for myself, Love ya, AS


Beatrice said...

Auntie Stella, you've come up with an absolute winner with this recipe! So simple! Guess what I'm having for Saturday supper? I just need to get some cheese and I have everything else. You're my hero!!

Amy Adams said...

Sounds delicious and I would probably switch out the hamburger for Bob Evans sausage, but other than that, I'm on this recipe like bees on honey.

As for the juice of the tomatoes and vodka, THANK YOU! Never even crossed my mind to do that and I love Bloody Marys!!

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