Friday, October 17, 2008


Welcome one and all to Auntie Stella's Kitchen where you WILL learn to cook without most of those measuring devices. Growing up in the south I learned to just add a little of this and a little of that and making something wonderful out of it and you can too. The first rule of thumb is use a little and then maybe add a little more, in other words, taste as you go. I have friends and family who have been after me to write a cook book but I think this might just be a little easier and I would love to have the interaction of any of you who will dare to hang with me.

About me: Some would call me a former drag queen, I prefer to be called an aging actress and gracefully at that, who can throw down a meal that will have you asking, "Why did you let me eat all of that?" Because storage containers cost money, that's why. And yes, I do consider myself to be on the witty side as well so hang on and laugh a little. It is said to be the best medicine.

The most important information you will ever find in any cook book is the SPICES section. If you have one open it up and check them out, find out what spice does what and how long it takes to kick in. For example, Chili Powder will sneak up on you, it needs to cook before you add more or it will turn you into sassy redhead like me. That will save us a lot of time if you do that. And don't be afraid to try something new or use your imagination, that's my best advice to you. I once tasted Orange Chocolate at the Bloomingdale's candy counter with a large piece of it and it was wonderful. Imagination: Make a chocolate cake from a mix or brownies and add a box of orange Jello to the mixture. WOW a great new taste and all you did is add one ingredient. Make your own icing with 10X sugar (confectioners) and butter, oleo or shortening and add some orange extract to it (and some red and yellow food coloring to make it orange) and be the toast of the town. You can substitute cream cheese for the butter but then the left overs (like you can't eat a whole cake by yourself) will need to be refrigerated. The most expensive item I spend money on is extracts but if you check out the prices at different stores you can get some bargains. You will need, Vanilla, Almond, and Raspberry for starters so start pricing it at the grocery stores in your area now.

More later, just wanted to introduce myself and get us started. If you have a request, let me know and I will try my best to help you out, but just remember, I don't measure generally unless I say a 6 oz jar or package or bottle, that kind of thing.

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Linda L Rucker said...

Stella Dahlin, I am so glad to see you doing this. I was considering a cookbook for the culinarily challenged and calling it Trailer Trash Cuisine, but I hear that title's already been taken. Well, nevah mind, I can always call it Grits n Gravy!
Well done Sistah! Well done.